Friday, June 10, 2011


You have my friend Drew to thank for this recommendation. I'm just paying it forward.

I met Drew at a show. I walked up to him and told him I really liked his sneakers. He said, “That’s pretty weird of you to say.” Instant fireworks.

Now he lives in Seattle, where he enjoys hiking, home brewing beer and complaining about the weather. He literally mentions how much the weather sucks every time we talk. As if he’s surprised. He’s become a bit of a gloomy old man, full of bitter nostalgia for sunnier times, and that usually comes through in the music he recommends.

I talked to Drew yesterday and he asked me if I’d heard any new “tunes” that he might like. I told him about the new Antlers album, about streaming the new Bon Iver, about new Okkervill River, blah blah blah. I wondered what beautiful, slow dance misery he would have to offer me. And then. He offered me tUnE-yArDs.

When I first listened, I was not impressed. I’m not one for abrasive beats. Then I found the video and was reminded of a vaguely MGMT-inspired birthday party that left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Except this time around there were small children involved. And very bright colors. And I was REALLY not impressed.

Then I listened again [Note: Unlike with humans, you should never trust your first impression of a song or album or band]. I listened again and I was hooked. I don’t know why. I can’t quite explain it. Next thing you know I’m going to enjoy laying out at the beach and running for pleasure and going to wedding showers.

Who am I kidding.

tUnE-yArDs Bizness - Full Version from mimi cave on Vimeo.