Sunday, May 13, 2012

Musical Conundrum: Atlas Genius 'Trojans'

This up-tempo sad song.

I can't figure out why I don't like this song. Because I like it a lot. 

Obviously, it's easier not to like something than it is to like something.

I read, essentially that previous statement, somewhere else. To paraphrase the source, liking something takes effort. You have to be open to a new idea, a new perspective, etc. 

It's the same way with the up-tempo sad song. 

Do I want my sad songs up-tempo? I don't want to try to feel happy about a sad song, sad theme. Musical listeners are fortunate in that respect, not a lot of songs take a peppy beat and include something more substantive, lyrically. And in any event, it's a lot easier not to like something than to like something. I can just say, "I don't want my up-tempo songs to be sad," and then I wouldn't have to listen to this, or any or kind of similar song. Problem solved. 

When the up-tempo song that is stuck in your head throughout the day keeps revealing lyrics that you might not necessarily like floating around in your head all day, well, then you might as well name your song "Trojans" (as Atlas Genius have done, here) and pat yourself on the back. 

I'm sure members of the band aren't patting themselves on the back for that reason alone. But it's reason enough to at least listen to the song, and try to see the up-tempo sad song in a new way.