Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet My Friends

Meet my friend Sam. He and I used to work at the same coffee shop in Charleston, SC. We spent many early mornings rushing through our opening chores so that we could sit on the counter and chat while the dawn sun snuck up on us through the front windows. We’d be in the middle of something great when the customers would begin lining up at the door, the CLOSED sign still turned, not-so-patiently waiting for their first mug. And Sam and I would look at each other with eyes that said, “Um, hello, can’t they see we are in the middle of something??”

A lot of our conversations centered around music. Sam and I have very similar taste in music, which makes our friendship that much easier. It’s one less thing to worry about on roadtrips. So when he told me one night, during a conversation about where the HELL our lives were going, that he was going to try to record an album, I knew that I would be his biggest fan. And he did it. He recorded this album that feels like those early mornings – and late nights - that we shared over [other peoples’] coffee. It feels calming and wise. It feels like Sam.

Click here to meet my friend Sam.

Now, meet my friend Jenna. I met Jenna when I was working in the Asheville, NC backpackers hostel. Okay, so I wasn’t just working there. I was also living there. In the basement. Don’t ask. It was a amazing experience full of amazing people waltzing in and out of my life (and living room) every night. I was drinking my tea on the front porch one evening when this girl and her guitar joined me with a song. It was Miss Jenna Lindbo. She had just moved to town from Oregon and had just taught herself to play guitar and had just decided – just like that – that she wanted to be a singer-songwriter. And that’s how Jenna is. She decides something, she says it out loud and SOMEONE out there MUST be listening because – just like that – her dreams come true. And no one deserves it more.

I feel lucky that Jenna is one of those amazing people that waltzed into my life and never waltzed back out. She is a magnetic soul. She loves life and you can’t help but feel the same way in her presence. She also recorded an album that feels just like her. And it feels beautiful.

Click here to meet my friend Jenna

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