Monday, May 9, 2011

State Radio- Mr. Larkin, Not 'The Notebook'

Disclaimer: I have a penchant for chick-flicks. I don't know why. I also have a friend that enjoys chick-flicks. For the sake of anonymity, let's say his name is Smate Crawlloway. See, there's not much to do sometimes when "Redbox" is your only option and 'Dear John' is the only available movie.

Absolute imperative to watching a chick-flick while in the presence of another dude.
As we watched 'Dear John' at NO TIME was there ever any eye contact. We are men. We are comfortable in this fact. However, we did not look at each other. Maybe there were droplets of tears coming from Smate's eyes during certain scenes, maybe there weren't. Our eyes were always forward, always on the screen. Total silence. Someone ejected the disc when it was done. Someone drove it back to the Redbox.

I did not see 'The Notebook' with Smate. But I did see it. In the movie theaters. You do not need to know anymore than that.

State Radio's Mr. Larkin has a similar 'Notebook' feel to it if you follow the lyrics closely. Of course, it's sometimes hard to follow the lyrics, just because the musicianship on their tracks is top notch. I've seen State Radio live once. Once is not enough. Maybe they will be offended that I've made such a parallel were they ever to read this. Know this: I. Am. Sorry. Couldn't help myself. Had to get it out there.

State Radio's lead singer, the former lead singer of Dispatch (devastated when they broke up, I must say) has elevated and enhanced his lyric writing with great passion and a heightened social awareness as a member of State Radio. 'Mr. Larkin' is off their 2006 album 'Us Against the Crown'. Their albums susbsequent are also must-haves. This is a kind of "throw back-ish" selection for the blog, but hopefully more of you will look into them.

Disclaimer II: I went to college with the bassist's brother. (Shout to @fatpay, and FatPayInk...follow him on Twitter and Facebook). This was my fortunate introduction to State Radio. It sometimes happens this way; I can't be out in front of everything the way Hannah is.

So when Mr. Larkin is asked won't you give me this try? I feel like I'm asking the same question about this blog. Perhaps Hannah is right, that this is only reaching the "inner circle" (for now?), but eventually, maybe it reaches the masses. So thank you for doing your own part in reading and enjoying.

And giving me this try.


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