Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Door Cinema Club- Live From Coachella 2011 and a Hamster

I had envisioned big things for this blog; followers, accolades, prizes, segue to writing for Rolling Stone. You know, all of the visions of grandeur that normally go with signing up for some free webspace and having (virutally) unlimited access to bands and musicians via YouTube. It only made sense that effort should have been commensurate with that desire. But, if you saw my first post, you would've predicted (as I did) that it was going to be my first and last post. 

I had envisioned a grand entrance, announcing my motivation behind starting the blog (love of music), my goals (export love of music to the masses one video at a time) all the while sprinkling in personal anecdotes to engage my readers (at last count 7, and I think that's 3 views for me and 4 for Hannah, but more on her later). To put it plainly, my first post was half-assed, but I'm not deleting it. I love the song, and from here on out, that post will be the motivation to do better. That is the bar ladies and gentlemen, and the bar is set low...very, very low. 

As for Hannah? She finds great music and even finds a way to weave a journey for grilled cheese into the storyline. That is what I'm working with...and that bar, ladies and gentlemen is set high...very, very high. 

It just so happened that the weekend I spent in the library (grad student about to graduate! moving back home! more blog posts!) a few weeks ago was the one in which YouTube broadcasted various bands at Coachella. Needless to say, little (if any) work got done. I did, however, get the chance to see some amazing bands play live, so kudos to YouTube for the live streaming. Among them? Two Door Cinema Club. Loved the performance, loved the lead singer's voice, and as you'll come to find out; I'm a lyrics guy. The lyrics have to be there, and I loved them too. These jumped out at me, the very first lines:

In a few weeks
I will get time
To realise it's right before my eyes
And I can take it if it's what I want to do

The world is suddenly full of possibility, the prospect of graduating and forging my own path. Plus, the peppy beat that TDCC provides is a great source of energy, even for those situations when I've felt like a hamster on the grad school wheel. I believe these guys could convince that grad school hamster that he could run the wheel through his glass enclosure, out of the library, and onto the street. I am very close to running that wheel through the glass, if it's what I want to do

Their performance was my final motivation to start this blog. Hannah encouraged it that same weekend, and now here we are. I'm going to try to get her to blog on more than just a weekly basis, and until then, I'll be using the opportunity (and free-ish webspace) to continue posting and refining a blogging craft, until I can infuse a great band with a grilled cheese sandwich. Without much further ado, I present to you Two Door Cinema Club- "What You Know--Live From Coachella 2011."


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